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2013-10-17 Board Meeting Minutes

Gold Hill Fire Protection District Board Minutes
October 17, 2013

Meeting was called dot order at 7:04 pm. Present were Bobby Vrba, Donal Maloney, Rich Lopez, Chief Chris Finn and Citizen Peter Swift. Rick Geesaman was unable to attend, and this is an excused absence.

Minutes were approved by a vote of 4-0.

Public Input: Peter Swift, president of the Town Meeting, was here. He mentioned the issue of the ground water entering the Barn during the flood. Donal asked that this issue wait because it will be covered during New Business. Peter also brought up the issue of communication during the flood. He said that among many people there was a concern. Chris mentioned that MERN didn’t function as well as it might have, and Dave mentioned that during an emergency communications may be imperfect. Donal suggested that we do some study and bring up the issue at a future meeting, and we did do that.

Old Business: It was turned over to Rich for a couple of things. Firstly the dry hydrant: a spot had been identified, but the course of the creek has changed somewhat. Also Russell, Chief of LH FD, identified a better location, which is just above Rowena. Chris asked if we can pull off the road there, and Rich said now. It was determined that we need to take another look. Secondly, the FEMA process: We found that we needed to declare a “disaster”, which we have done. Rich attended the meeting with FEMA, and the later meeting with the FEMA reps. Boulder County qualifies for all the relevant programs. Rich said that any action that GHFD took might well be reimbursable by FEMA, if we can compile the info to document all those missions. Donal will email all firefighters to find out what they did, Sept 11 to 30, and get the info to Rich.

New Business: Donal said that he is also meeting with a FEMA rep. Mentioned were the holding tank, the grey truck, and a valve on the tender. There also building and driveway repairs. It seems possible that we will need to fill in voids under the fire barn, and we might need to do some mitigation of the water flow. At this point Peter agreed that we need to seek info on whether we need to do mitigation of the flooding and repair any voids. He suggested an idea that he and Jon Hilson had to mitigate the hazard by putting in some sort of retaining wall to the west of the Barn to divert the water. Peter also added that he is a civil engineer licensed by Colorado. He has also done flood studies in Boulder and other counties. He is willing to do any engineering required at no expense to Gold Hill FD.

Chief Time: Chris mentioned the budget, which needs to be done this fall. He noted that anything that we get from the Feds and therefore spend will have to be in the budget. There was some discussion about the history of the budget and the mill levy. Chris mentioned that the budget must be adopted next meeting, and that the ads must be placed so advising, which Donal will do. Chris also mentioned that there will be $2000 in the budget for an election, in case we have to have one. Chris also mentioned that the digital paging system is down. It appears we have to provide voice pagers for all firefighters instead of the digital ones, and there is a line item in the budget to do that. He mentioned that there hasn’t been anything on Forestry Management for some time. Chris asked that the Board review the budget before next meeting. Dave asked where the acquisition of a new truck stands. Chris has salesmen looking.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dave Sturtz
Board Sec’y