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2014-02-20 Board Meeting Minutes

Gold Hill Fire Protection District Board Meeting Minutes
Feb 20, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm. Present were Dave Sturtz, Donal Maloney, Bobby Vrba, Rich Lopez, Chief Chris Finn & Citizen Gretchen Diefenderfer. Rick Geesaman’s absence was excused due to a death in the family.

Gretchen asked what the DOLA discussion at the last meeting was about, and it was clarified that the discussion was about the election. Minutes as amended were approved, 4-0.

Chief’s Report: Chris reported that all the meetings he was to have were cancelled. He and Donal still intend to meet about training. There was one call, and medical in Sunshine that we were called off of. Chris has driven all the trucks and run the small engines and all is well. He mentioned that discussion is happening about working together with Sunshine, 4 Mile & BES to have maintenance done. There is still a search going on for a new truck, being done by a vendor. Chris is still working on new Firefighter ID’s. He said that he will be out of town for the March meeting.

Other Business: Gretchen Diefenderfer has been appointed election official, and the Board thanks her. The notices have been published in the Daily Camera and on the town website, and will be on the GHFPD website shortly. Everyone except Dave is up for election and will be turning in self-nomination forms.

Rich brought up the recruitment message, and Chris has an existing one. Donal would like photos to be added. We agree on the basic message – the question is how to put out the info. We think perhaps posters should go at the store, possibly outside the Inn, and perhaps in Left Hand. Rich will continue

Old Business: Rich went to the Town Meeting and talked a little about FD stuff. Once again the bathroom is an issue. The Town was asked to see about using the school for meetings, and that turns out to be expensive and impractical. Rich would like to see exploration of making an outside door into the downstairs bathroom. More discussion ensued about the ongoing issue of a bathroom for attendees at the upstairs of the Fire Barn to use. Rich said that he would call around to get bids on the creating an outside entrance. This saga promises to continue.

Rich brought up the issue of grant-writing. Chris said that it would be good to start thinking about it now, specifically several alternatives as to what we’d like to go for. Rich said that we should have some preliminary discussion of a plan and some goals. Donal mentioned the existence of grant-writing classes. The idea is: In March we will begin to construct a plan, in April we hope work it further, and the wrap up something in May. Chris mentioned that we need to involve the firefighters and the public. It was noted that Kris Gibson and Bear Carlson are willing to write grants, but the want to be told what to apply for.

Dave reported on his attendance at the Emergency Preparedness meeting. There seemed to be some feeling about the EP people that they are not fully supported and appreciated by the Fire Dept. It was decided that we will invite Deb Yeager to the next Board meeting to tell us what they are up to and what they would like from us in the way of help.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:03 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dave Sturtz, Sec’y