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2014-04-17 Board Meeting Minutes

Gold Hill Fire Protection District Board Meeting Minutes
Apr 17, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm. Present were Dave Sturtz, Bobby Vrba, Rich Lopez, Rick Geesaman, Chief Chris Finn & Citizen Gretchen Diefenderfer. Donal Maloney’s absence was excused due to his being out of town. Minutes were approved 4-0

Chief’s Report: Chris presented the supplemental accident and injury policy, to be filed. Chris reported that we had a good wildland refresher last Saturday. 10 Gold Hill firefighters attended. There was a brief discussion about attendance at training – Rich enquired as to what the Board can do to encourage firefighters to go to training. Chris and Rich are going to meet on the subject. There was one call for a smoke report that turned out to be a burn in Niwot. Chris presented a form which has been submitted to the state detailing our rates for various bits of apparatus should they be used on a state fire. Regarding new fire trucks, he has gotten a few proposals, not of which have been exactly suitable, due to either insufficient pump size or insufficient water capacity, or lack of 4WD. The search continues. Work also continues on the brush truck repair. Chris sent out an Emergency Operation Plan, which all government entities are required to have. The plan presented is a generic one that the County has prepared. Chris and Rich suggested that the Board read over this plan before next meeting. There is also a mobilization plan, which is basically a mutual aid agreement for incidents other than fires. The Board and Chris will further look this over. Chris noted that he will not be here in May.

Old Business: The restroom issue remains as a problem. The school turns out not to be an option due to cost. Modifying the structure is not an option either. Bobby has mentioned the possibility of acquiring some excess portable latrines from Ft. Carson, and he will check into that. The issue remains open. There was some discussion about the MERN repeater and the alleged issue of its being affected by the cold. The bottom line is that this issue will belong to BCARES and the local MERN people.

New Business: Chris asked Rich what progress is being made in clearing out the junk in Left Hand Creek. Rich said they have been recently been doing a lot of work, and things are looking good.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:03 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dave Sturtz, Sec’y