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2014-09-18 Board Meeting Minutes

Gold Hill Fire Protection District Board Meeting Minutes
Sept 18, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm. Present were Dave Sturtz, Bobby Vrba, Rich Lopez, & Paul Garabedian from the Board, & Chief Chris Finn. Rick Geesaman’s absence was excused.

Minutes were approved 4-0.

Dave noted that he will be missing in October and also February. He noted that if the Board feels his absences become excessive he is willing to resign.

Chief’s Report: There was a medical call the 31st of last month, marijuana related. There was also a call related to carbon monoxide in Summerville early on Sept 18. Trainings have been a bit sparsely attended. Donal will now have time to do more as Training Officer, and we will be getting GH training back on track. Chris is still working on getting more voice pagers. We had a problem with an order thru Astral, and are redoing it. Fire truck search is ongoing.

Budget: Chris has presented us with a budget for next year. We need to go through all the procedures. Anyone wanting a copy can see one at the Gold Hill Store or get one from Rich Lopez. Rich also enquired as to the funds raised on the 4th of July; Chris is going to obtain that info.

Old Business: Rich emailed out several possible locations for a dry hydrant in Left Hand. There is a number of possibilities.

New Business: None

Meeting was adjourned at 7:49 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,