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2015-03-19 Board Meeting Minutes

Gold Hill Fire Protection District Board Minutes
March 19, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm. Present were Bobby Vrba, Rich Lopez, Paul Garabedian, Dave Sturtz, Rick Geesaman & Assistant Chief Donal Maloney (attending in the absence of the Chief).

We wished Bobby a Happy Birthday, today!

We note that the February meeting was cancelled due to lack of quorum, that being because Rich had a last-minute emergency. The January minutes were approved.

(Assistant) Chief’s Report: We had two medical calls, one minor medical and one major, where the victim was deceased on arrival. On the latter call Donal was acting as Chief, and we had six other personnel from Gold Hill, two of which stayed there all night waiting for the coroner so they could evacuate the body. They then moved the body over a very icy path to evacuate it.

Some discussion ensued about what policy the department should have when a serious incident occurs. Rich suggests we have a policy in place where the Board is notified when a serious call occurs, so they can be prepared for possible enquiries from the press. A motion may be forthcoming later or in a future meeting.

We also had a training down on Poor Man Road which involved the Flight for Life helicopter, and some of us learned a lot from the flight crew. We will also have the annual Wildland Refresher on April 11.

Donal noted that he recently pulled out all the trucks and ran them, and discovered a problem with the tender, which he fixed. He believes that in the winter we probably ought to start the trucks and run them more often. Donal will talk to Chris on the matter.

There was some discussion about the new truck. None of us knows too much, as Chris has been handling this, but we want him to act in timely fashion when the time comes.

Old Business: Rich discussed a request by the Town to locate a portable toilet on Fire Department land. No one from the Town was present to present the request and the Board learned that the Town may not have funding to purchase the portable toilet. Following a discussion of concerns (locations, costs and other concerns) the Board authorized Rich (by a 4 - 1 vote) to continue discussion with the Town to see if a mutually acceptable solution could be found.

New Business: None

Meeting was adjourned at 8:06 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Dave Sturtz