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2015-07-16 Board Meeting Minutes

Gold Hill Fire Protection District Board Minutes
July 16, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm. Present were members Bobby Vrba, Rich Lopez, Paul Garabedian, Dave Sturtz, Rick Geesaman and Chief Chris Finn.

Minutes were approved 5-0

Chief’s Report: We had a mutual aid call, a smoke report, a medical in Left Hand. We had a call in Left Hand where some short-term renters smelled an electrical smell, and we determined that wet pine needles were shorting out an outdoor outlet. Chris thinks that the County should be regulating short-term rentals more closely, and that the District should request that the County do so. Rich thinks there are a few things we should make owners aware of. We also had a mutual aid call in Four Mile’s district above Summerville. We got reimbursement under a wildland grant for some equipment we bought. Report on the Fourth festivities is forthcoming, but according to Leslie’s preliminary report we did quite well and everything went very smoothly. There is a possibility of a cistern at Suicide Hill and Gold Run St, which we are pursuing. At this point the meeting was interrupted when Dave saw a couple of bears wandering by just west of the fire barn and everyone went to take a look.

Old Business: Rich collected 52 requests for green address number signs on the Fourth, and turned them in to the County.

Rick, Rich & Max looked at a couple of possible sites for cisterns. One is Max’s property down Gold Run Road a bit. Max has subsequently talked with the BLM about a small access road, and that is possible. They also looked at a site west of town, which is another possibility. That makes three possible sites.

Rich has four possible sites in mind for dry hydrants in Lefthand where property owners seem to be amenable.

We’ve made a bit of progress in recruiting, having one and possibly two new firefighters.

Rich feels that we’ve made some strides in our relationship with the community, notably the porta-potty in front of the barn, the safe shed move, the address signs, and the support we received on the Forth.

Chris reopened the idea of a retirement fund for firefighters, which the state matches 100%. Rich is going to look into this.

New Business: None

Meeting was adjourned at 8:09 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Dave Sturtz