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2015-08-20 Board Meeting Minutes

Gold Hill Fire Protection District Board Minutes
August 20, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm. Present were members Bobby Vrba, Rich Lopez, Paul Garabedian, Dave Sturtz, Rick Geesaman, Chief Chris Finn and citizen Gretchen Diefenderfer.

Chief’s Report: Many vehicles and crews from Boulder County are out on fires in other states, so we are really shorthanded in the County. We had a call which was a wild goose chase, called in by a citizen in north Boulder. Chris has had a meeting with dispatch, and some changes are happening. We had ao couple of other calls, smoke report, medical, and illegal campfire that turned out to be on Sugarloaf. We also had a structure fire in Left Hand, where we saved the house. The County is about to rename all the fire channels. Airlink is going to be meeting at the Fire Barn. The State sent us something about an Audit, which Rich is going to check on. Chris brought in a “Profit & Loss” statement, and gave some explanation of that.

There was some discussion of the banking procedure, which led to a discussion of who should be signers on the checking account. Rich moved that all Board members become signers on the account. Rick G seconded, and motion carried 5-0. Dave will get a signed copy of this resolution to Chris.

Gretchen said that Donal came to a Town Meeting, and related to them the importance of calling 911 instead of driving someone down. Gretchen was highly complimentary of Donal’s presentation.

This led to a discussion of the address signs. Rich got 52 new ones made, for people that requested them. Rich thinks this is an opportunity for some education. Chris is going to sent Rich some bullet points for an info sheet.

Rich talked with Mark Frey, and apparently a cistern there is not too likely. Chris has gotten a few calls, but none of them seem promising. Rich thinks we should identify some likely locations for cisterns and then approach property owners. Rich wondered whether the Town Meadow might be a suitable location, and the thought is that could be a possibility.

Rich brought up the dry hydrant issue. Possibly the best site is just downhill from Lick Skillet, but Chris said the pullout is blocked. Chris suggested that we wait and see what the County is going to do with Lick Skillet and Left Hand, because the County may help us build what we need. Some further discussion of dry hydrants ensued, and we’re still working on it.

Rich mentioned the BCARES repeater, and there is some talk that we’d like to get it removed.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:09 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Dave Sturtz