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2015-11-19 Board Meeting Minutes

Gold Hill Fire Protection District Board Minutes
November 19, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm. Present were members Bobby Vrba, Dave Sturtz, Paul Garabedian, Chief Chris Finn & citizen Gretchen Diefenderfer. Bobby presided over the meeting in the absence of Rich Lopez.

We voted to excuse Rich and Rick who both had pressing business.

Chief’s Report: We got most of our radios reprogrammed, for the new channel names. We had several calls: a med call on East St, a vehicle fire on Nov 9, a mutual aid med call on Nov 10 for which we staged in GH, some stuck cars on the 15th, and on the 16th a motor vehicle accident. Chains are on all vehicles. Chris asked what is happening with the retirement fund, and since Rich has been working on this no one knew. Chris is working on a date for a Firefighters’ Ball, which will be on a Wednesday in December.

Old Business: Paul moved that we authorize Rich Lopez to proceed with establishing a GHFPD retirement fund. Dave seconded, motion carried 3-0.

New Business: Paul moved that we authorize Rich to proceed to establish a brokerage account for GHFPD. This is for the purpose of receiving an anonymous donation of stock to the Department, and for any future donations that there may be. Dave seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

We decided to go ahead and have a December meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:26 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Sturtz