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2016-07-21 Board Meeting Minutes

Gold Hill Fire Protection District
Board of Directors Meeting: Minutes
July 21, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM. Present were board members Paul Garabedian, Bobby Vrba, Rick Geesaman, and Boyd Brown, and chaired by Rich Lopez. Gretchen Diefenderfer also attended the meeting, and brought some tasty cookies. Minutes from the last meeting were unanimously approved.

Chief Finn presented the chief’s report for the month. There has been a Stage 2 fire ban put in place meaning there are no fires allowed even in approved campgrounds. Chris stated that department personnel will not confront campers about fires, but defer to the sheriff’s department for enforcement.

There were a few calls during the month, including a dramatic vehicle fire on Sunshine Canyon Drive near the Copper Condo. Gold Hill sent a truck and crew and helped with water. The vehicle on fire was a total loss.

There was a report of a powerline smoldering in contact with a tree. Also a report of the smell of propane in Left Hand; no source was found. There was a workplace accident at the Gold Hill Inn that was called in.

The Cold Springs Fire just northeast of Nederland started July 9th. Gold Hill Fire Department sent one truck and five personnel immediately. They returned home safely the next day.

Chief Finn has a good lead on a fire truck that looks to meet all the critical criteria to fit the needs of the department. The truck is owned by the Left Hand Fire Department. Chris was in the process of making sure the truck would fit in the existing bays at the station.

The Fourth of July pancake breakfast was a logistical and fiscal success. Much thanks to all who worked so hard.

There was a discussion about dry hydrants to be installed at three or four locations in Left Hand Canyon. Boyd Brown is charged with finding the culverts to be used.

Rick Geesaman reported that the idea for installing the 30,000 gallon cistern in the upper Town Meadow was not going to work. There was no clear route to provide access for machinery, or to run the needed pipe to the proposed hydrant on Hill Street. The location down at the base of the meadow near Bob Walter’s house in once again being considered for the installation. Also, there will be an effort made to work out an arrangement with the Walker’s at Colorado Mountain Ranch for access to water contained in their swimming pool. The pool has not been functional for some years and likely would need extensive repairs, but might result in a large volume of water storage for less cost than installing a new cistern or cisterns.

There was a motion to evaluate the firefighter retirement program. The motion passed.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM. The next meeting will be held on August 18th.
Respectfully submitted,

Rick Geesaman