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2018-01-18 Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Rich Lopez. Present were board members Paul Garabedian, Bobby Vrba, Boyd Brown, and Rick Geesaman. Chief Chris Finn also attended the meeting. Max Yeager, Kris Gibson, Gretchen Diefenderfer and Val Crist were in also in attendance. Motion was made to accept the minutes of our December meeting; motion was unanimously passed.

Chris Finn presented the Chief’s Report. Chris presented a draft of a notebook containing key maps of the fire protection district. The collection of maps included locations of residences, water sources, helicopter landing sites and other maps. When finalized these notebooks will be put into all fire department vehicles for ready reference.

There were four emergency calls since last meeting. They included one medical call, two rollover wrecks, and one religious fire. There also was a sparking electrical line west of town

Chris informed the board that money ($2000) had been transferred from the general account to the new firefighters retirement fund.

Rich then led a quick review of the progress on the Town Meadow cistern project. Letters had been sent to the county indicating support for the project by the Town Meeting, and also by Clint and Mary Kay Buckner. Title work on both the Town Meadow and the Buckner property had been authorized, and was a work in progress. The plan is to complete the permitting/permission process with the county in the first quarter 2018. The second quarter will see the project getting planned in more detail, and the contracts awarded for excavation and construction. Finally, we intend to have the cisterns installed and the meadow reclaimed by the end of the third quarter 2018. Updated copies of the plans for the cistern project are located in the meeting room at the fire barn, and another set is available for public review in the Gold Hill General Store. Rick Geesaman plans to attend the Town Meeting in February to discuss the project.

Rich Lopez talked about activity at the mine and mill on Horsfal. There has been some discussion about access to the large volume of water stored on location in times of emergency. There was a motion for Rich Lopez to contact Mark Steen to negotiate access to this critical water source; motion was passed.

The meeting adjourned at 7:52 PM. The meeting was immediately followed by a meeting of the board for the Firefighter Retirement Fund.

Next meeting will be at 7 PM of February 15th, 2018.

Respectfully submitted,
Rick Geesaman